Welcome to the web site of the Central Arizona Section (CENAZ) of the International Society of Automation (ISA).

If you are interested in what CENAZ or the ISA can do for you, please contact our current Central AZ Section president, Gary Campbell, at

CENAZ sponsors various educational and networking events throughout the year.  These events are provided to help you grow professionally and to make and maintain contacts within your profession.  Please check out calendar for upcoming member events.

CENAZ Goals: 
1.  support and train members
2.  provide scholarships to member's sponsored students
3.  have some fun
4.  give back to members
5.  link to other groups
6.  support student events


Advance the automation profession in Arizona by:
·         Fostering interest in our profession through student membership
·         Offering interesting, industry-related, educational activities to membership
·         Providing networking events to membership
·         Informing membership of services available through ISA National


Thursday, May 24, 7 p.m
CENAZ Organizational Meeting

Rodehouse Restaurant, 2425 S 24th St., Phoenix, AZ  85034

More info about CENAZ at

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