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Student Scholarship

The ISA’s Water & Wastewater Industry Division plans to award two one-thousand dollar ($1000.00) scholarship to qualifying candidates. The scholarships will be selected by a lottery chance at the WWID meeting to be held at the 2011 Fall Leaders Meeting (FLM). All eligible candidates and their application forms will be reviewed by the Scholarship Chairman before the drawing at the 2011 FLM and must meet the following requirements.

1) Applicant must have a parent who is an ISA WWID active member, or the applicant must be an ISA WWID Student member. The WWID member must be in good standing with ISA (i.e.dues paid to date).

2) The candidate must be enrolled as a full-time student in the spring semester at a two or four year college or university, and he or she must have completed the previous semester as a full-time student.

3) To be considered for the ISA WWID Scholarship Award, the application form must be filled out completely and mailed to:

Michael B. Fedenyszen
ISA WWID Scholarship Chairman
60 Whittier Street
Haverhill, MA 01830 USA

4) Application forms must be received by the WWID Scholarship Chair no later than May 10, 2011. DEADLINE - MAY 10, 2011


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