Letter from your ISA District 11 Vice President – Gary Campbell – March 20, 2013
District 11 is the Best
We have the most active sections, mainly due to the best volunteer section leaders in ISA.  We also represent about 10% of the entire ISA membership.  If you are a member interested in tuning up your leadership skills with support from great people, contact your local leadership; get involved.  All sections need fresh input and new talent to maintain section success.
As you know the District VP Board worked hard to reinstate the 2013SLM. I took this personally to the Executive board because of the importance of face-to-face meetings.    I greatly appreciate Terry and Peggy’s guidance to assure the SLM is efficient and strategic. My hopes include much less ‘group-think’ with many more ‘email discussions’ leading up to, and condensed out in the SLM meetings. As a voting member of the executive board pursuing due-diligence, I communicated to the board my concerns about the 2013 budget prior to approval; identified disparities between our Strategic Plan and financial line items, questioned forecasted revenues, etc. The board was later informed about reductions in 2013 budget forecast revenue, and additional impact on the deficit. ISA is facing many challenges.
I encourage section leaders to attend the SLM in June, especially long-term ISA members who know ISA well and will speak up for membership concerns, so I will not feel so alone. There is no restriction on who can attend the SLM, but more of a ‘don’t bother to come if you’re not here for business message’.   My efforts are in getting ISA leaders to give more attention to member benefits has not been received well, but I will continue my rants, because I care about ISA. I believe there are others who believe members should be primary focus of ISA leadership.  Thanks for all your feedback and sharing concerns. I am working with Debbie Eby on how to be an observer to many of the “open meetings” that will be conducted using phone and/or computer interface. I will send to our section leaders when I get the connection info.
Here is a list of upcoming symposiums, for those interested in division events:
-------- --------------------- -------
Power Orlando, FL June 2
Analysis Galveston, TX April 14
WWT Orlando, FL Aug 6
IIS Cleveland, OH May 13
Communications Washington, DC May 21-23
As DVP, I am enabled to nominate the “Section Excellence”, and presently plan to nominate our LA Section, due to their great and successful show/training event with significant increase in show attendance, as well as a recent surge in new members.  I am proud of all our sections, including Hawaii, (recently re-chartered) who has a small membership, but filled with interesting technical meetings and fantastic tours with great member attendance.   
It is my great honor and privilege to serve as your District 11 Vice President,
Gary Campbell
District 11 Vice President 
 ISA District 11 Vice President – Gary Campbell – September 5, 2012

Honor and Privilege to Serve

It is an honor and a privilege for me to serve as District Vice President for all the Section Leaders in District 11.   It is my hope you feel the same in serving your Section Members with local events and meetings.   Geographical map illustrates how large our area covers with over 2500 ISA members.   This is network heaven, and a great place to grow your linked-in contacts. 

My current Task:  Identify Section Delegates attending the Fall Leaders Meeting (FLM) in Orlando, and plan to attend the Council of Society Delegates (CSD) meeting.   We currently have important Society issues to vote on and discuss, including increasing membership dues and the Governance Structure Task Force (GSTF) report.   We will also discuss these as a group during our District 11 meeting (agenda forthcoming).  Please - Send me the name of your delegate representing your section for who Admittance Ribbons to the CSD will be distributed at our District 11 meeting.

Much more is happening in conjunction with the Fall Leaders Meeting (Sept 22 – 24) such as voting in of society officers, ISA award dinner and presentation, and ISA Automation Week 2012 show and technical presentations.  Get details of all this and more from website.   It may also be nice to have some kind of group lunch on Saturday, if enough interest, send me your thoughts.

Next month:   My 3rd Quarter report to ISA leadership including listing of our sections’ events, membership issues, and section/member feedback.   When sending me your delegate’s name, please include a short bullet list of your sections membership events during July, August, and September.   Your responses make our district look great to leaders, and aware we need their sponsorship and ISA support.

Take time to read at least the first 20 pages of the GSTF.  It describes traits of ISA organization with potential changes being discussed for future implementation.   My added position on the Society Executive Board provides direct avenue to take your ISA concerns and issues to the highest level of leadership for discussion and change in how your society operates, now and in the future.

Section Budgets and Business plans are due by September 30.  Don’t let this slip or your section rebates will cease.    Three member-attended events and a planning budget supporting activities is needed.   If you need any help with this, email or call anytime.   I have samples or forms are available in Leaders Resources on the website.

I am constantly encouraged by section leaders with positive attitude and passion towards ISA.  Contact me via email with any district or society questions or concerns.  I will do my best to provide answers and positively serve the sections and members of District 11.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Gary Campbell

 District 11 Vice President


______  Gary Campbell ____  ISA District 11            Vice President Elect
______ Gary Campbell ____ ISA District 11 Vice President Elect

April 30, 2012 Letter from Gary Campbell, your ISA District 11 Vice President

Section Leaders are Golden

Good Section Leaders are like gold; precious and hard to find; and the most valuable asset to ISA.  They provide the face-to-face introduction and welcoming handshake that makes members feel welcome and proud to belong to ISA.   Web sites, email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc are o.k., but fail to entice membership and volunteerism in the ISA family.  ISA started, and became a strong organization from the simplest form of networking, meeting with other automation engineers and technicians to discuss instrumentation.

Section leaders are volunteers that work long hours to make local events into reality.  They represent true networking with positive view of ISA, where members actually speak directly with each other.  There once was the idea that an ‘ole boys club’ ran ISA, and that this was a bad idea.  I strongly disagree.  My best mentors have been older section leaders and bosses who supported ISA in a positive light.  They are the reason I work for ISA.  It is in their memory, tradition, honor and inspirational that I continue to serve.  I want to be an ‘ole boy’.  My wish is to inspire members to become section leaders, and section leaders to become teachers and mentor guidance for the future of ISA.  Then, if so inspired, go on to district or division positions.   This starts with Section Leaders providing a positive section/member relationship.   How would you feel if your only connection to ISA was through a website?

Most enticing to me, is the personal and positive attitude towards ISA presented by section leaders.   Section leaders often get little recognition for their effort.  Please take time to thank your section leaders at every local event you attend.   Remember, these volunteers make ISA relevant by direct contact with ISA members at a personable level.    Recognition is due and I am proud to nominate Orange County Section for the “Section Excellence” award.  This is for involvement with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and development support for the “Mindstorm Robot”.

The DLC in San Diego is shaping into a terrific event.  Bart Roberts, myself, and San Diego section hospitality are working together to make this a fun and worthwhile event.  Flyer and agenda will be sent out very soon to help plan your trip.  Book your room by May 14 to get the reduced rate of $149 per night at the Hyatt Regency, La Jolla at Aventine.   Sign-up is at the ISA website.

Please contact me via email with any district or society questions or concerns.  I will do my best to provide answers and positively serve sections and members of District 11.  


Gary Campbell

 District 11 Vice President


Distinguished Society Service Award was presented to Gary Campbell (left) in 2008 during the ISA Awards Banquet, for his efforts in guiding the Central Arizona section through some tough years and attending all section meetings.  Gary is a CENAZ Past-President and is currently the District-11 VP-Elect.